April 5, 2011

The Clock is Ticking Still

11 more days until the craft fair. I'm so not prepared. Maybe next time, when I didn't just have a baby, or I didn't just finish recovering from 9 months of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I'll be a bit more prepared.

For now I've nearly finished a few Razzel Dazzel Skirts from sizes 3months to 24 months. I've wanted to make a few basic skirts and a handful of Stripwork skirts, but we'll see what time (and my 2 babies) allow me. I have been working on a pattern for infant clip-on ties. I should have some ties ready for the craft fair, but if you are interested in the pattern, it'll be only a bit longer before I will have patterns ready to print.

We're doing the booth as a family thing. My mother-in-law is making awesome kids aprons. My cousin-in-law is making adorable crocheted hats. My sweet husband has been working on step stools (mostly because I've been begging him to make one for our 2 year old. He came up with a good basic model that he calls a 3-in-1. It's a 3-in-1 because our 2 year old will (1) sit on it as a seat, (2) sit in it as a desk to color, and (3) use it as a basic stepping stool. She fits in it so perfectly as a desk. She'll sit down and ask "color pease?" "paper pease?".

I'm so proud of myself for finishing a quilt this week for Maryanne from Scrappy Gifts, who is expecting her first baby girl any day now. The quilt is black/white, pink, and green. I used a rough edge applique technique for the squares. My husband had fun late one night helping me arrange the "random" pattern of the scrappy squares. I think it really turned out cute. Maryanne seems to like it as well.

Here's a pic of my two sweet time thieves:

Wish us luck!


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