April 20, 2010

Slow as a sloth.

I've kinda been slow at keeping this blog going. I've been working on a handful of projects lately and also we have moved to a bigger place. I now have a room devoted to sewing, scrapbooking, art, and crafts. I love it! With all of this business I've neglected blogging for a bit and have narrowed the number of orders that have been taken in.
Oh, another excuse for my neglect, which will probably continue for a little bit longer, is that I am learning how to re-upholster furniture. I am currently practicing on a couch we now call my daughter's couch. I've decided to go with a pastel green velvet that will be a challenge to work with, but at least it's a solid and not stripes or plaid. But I thought the green will go great for my daughter now paired with pink and yellow and later down the road it can be paired well with blue for a little boy's room. I'll post a before and after when I'm done.
As I've mentioned, I've ordered a couple of new patterns and am working on a couple of my own as well, so those all will be available whenever the patterns are done/in.

Thanks for your patience! Orders can still (always) be made by emailing me at kindredcraftsmail@gmail.com.

April 5, 2010

Easter is Done!

Here are two of the skirts that were made for Easter. The girls had fun designing them and now they get to wear them.

April 1, 2010

March's Free Scrapbook'n Prints

Here they are, March's free prints. Enjoy!

Sunshine Flowers
Blossoms of Bloom

Tromp'n Thru MeadowsScrap'n Boots

Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee
Remember these are for personal use only. Print as many as you'd like, share them with friends, just remember there is a copyright. Thanks!

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