September 22, 2010

On the Move Again

Thanks to all of you loyal followers. Rosy Cheek Boutique is still very new. I had high hopes to get it going this year, but because I was sick for so long, I've neglected it a lot. Well good news. I'm feeling better. New news, we're moving yet again. I'm excited to have a new workroom with better lighting and storage space. Wish me luck!

I've been wanting to make some girls Halloween Skirts in any of the patterns previously posted. So, if you're interested let me know as soon as possible and I can get started on them. I'm not sure what to make for boys, how about a cape? Would that be fun? If you'd like me to make your little boy a cap for Halloween let me know his height and shoulder width.

I hope your Fall is exceeding your expectations, and that all of you parents with school age children that you find the break you've been waiting all summer for. Enjoy the few warm days we have left. Happy Autumn!

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