February 4, 2010

Free Scrapbooking Paper Designs!!! January's Now Posted!

Here are some free scrapbooking paper designs. They should be set to print off on to letter sized paper. If you are one of the lucky (or spoiled) ones that actually have a printer that prints 12x12 let me know and I can send you the design in 12x12. If there is a design that you like, but you'd prefer it in a different color scheme let me know and I should be able to alter it.
All of the designs are free to be used for personal use. All I ask is that you please send your friends to this blog to get their free scrapbooking paper designs instead of you sending it to them directly.
My goal is to have new designs posted every month.

To print one of these designs simply click on the one you want, then right click the design and save it. Open the design from where you saved it and print as many as you need.


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