January 27, 2010

Easter Dresses (Skirts)

While I was at the mall this week I saw several mother and grandmothers too looking for outfits for their girls for Easter. I wanted to tell them about Rosy Cheek Boutique and the cute infant and girl clothes that they can order, but I of course chickened out each time and told my sister-in-law all the what-I-should-have's instead. Anywho, this game me the determination to make some skirts and matching accessories ready for Easter. Anyone know when Easter is this year? I haven't checked yet. So, first come first serve (for my time). If you place an order and you need it before Easter let me know and I'll try and push it up the list. Please be sure to try and give me enough time to make it (about a week for skirts) and to mail it off.
All right then, back to work!


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