June 1, 2010

May's Free Scrapbooking Pages Posted

These pages have actually been posted for a bit, I just never let you know here. This month's designs were dedicated to a charity that my grandparents both work with (quilt, show, and more), this is the Congenital Heart Defect Quilts. It raised awareness to the country and world about the reality of CHD and also does a number of fundraisers to support families with children with a CHD. Each block on the quilts is dedicated to a specific child. It will either be designed by the family, the quilter, or even the child. If a child ever passes away, then an angel or angel wings are added to the block to signify that that child has "earned his wings". There are well over 50 quilts made and they are shipped around the country for shows and fundraisers to support the cause. These quilts have served as both a beacon of hope as well as a memorial of love and support.

To learn more about CHD Quilts please visit chdquilts.org. They are also on Facebook and Blogger. If you know a family who are facing the fears of CHD, please let them know about this good program, and perhaps suggest dedicating a free quilt block to their child.


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